Southeast CAD is a computer aided drafting company specializing in "Marine Construction Design" which includes single family docks, multifamily docks, seawalls, floating and fixed dock marina design and permitting services. We supply homeowners, builders and contractors with design packages that allow building permits, accurate construction bids and efficient construction of residential & commercial projects.

Southeast CAD creates custom designed dock plans, seawall plans, and has a continually growing collection of stock plans. We are able to show the customer preliminary drawings, 3D renderings and provide construction drawings that guide the building process.

Southeast CAD uses modern computer graphic software and up to date lightning fast computer equipment to create construction models. This offers cost and time savings while providing the most accurate and best quality drafting possible. We are able to accept concept input in any form from pencil sketches, photos to computer files from various applications. We design for federal, state and local codes.

The normal design process takes about two to four weeks for a 1000 square foot dock or 100 linear foot seawall. Modifications can be accomplished very quickly because of the computer tools that we use. Many of our customers have obtained building permits in the minimum time required by the local planning department.

Southeast CAD is located in New Smyrna Beach Florida, a small beach town in the southeast. We have provided plans for hundreds of customers in Volusia and neighboring counties and we look forward to making your dreams on the water become a reality.